Motlow State provides full-time employees access to resources from anywhere with a private VPN. Before being able to use the VPN, Technical Operations must receive a VPN Access Request form before setting up your Motlow State-provided computer with VPN access. Click here to retrieve a VPN Access Request form.

Connecting to the GlobalProtect VPN service

On your computer, press the Start button and search for GlobalProtect. Click on GlobalProtect to open the application.

Once you run GlobalProtect, a small window will open in the bottom-right corner. To start the connection to the VPN, click on the Connect button.

Once you click on Connect, the application will ask you for your username and password. Use your Motlow State username and password, then press the Sign In button.

If the credentials are good, then you'll be connected to the Motlow State GlobalProtect VPN.

Using Remote Desktop over the GlobalProtect VPN

After connecting via VPN, the next thing most employees need is to connect to their desktop machine via Remote Desktop or RDP.

On your computer, Technical Operations will provide a shortcut to directly connect to your desktop machine. Double-clicking that shortcut will automatically connect you to your desktop machine.

In the event you don't have this shortcut, press the Start button, usually located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. After clicking on the button, type in Remote Desktop Connection and press Enter on your keyboard.

The Remote Desktop Connection window will appear. In the Computerfield, type in the name of your computer, then click on Connect.

If you need assistance in finding your computer name, feel free to contact Technical Operations by calling or submitting a ticket and we'll be glad to help.

A Windows Security dialog box will appear. Input the following information:

  • Username: MOTLOW\username
    For example, if your username is RLocke, you would type in MOTLOW\RLocke
  • Password: Your Motlow State password
  • Optionally, you may check the box to Remember me.

Click on OK. You may see a warning window pop up that states The identity of the remote computer cannot be verified. Do you want to connect anyway?. Click on Yes and optionally check the box that states Don't ask me again for connections to this computer.

If everything authenticates successfully, you'll be connected to your desktop machine using Remote Desktop. To close out of Remote Desktop, move your mouse to the top-middle of your screen to show a blue connection bar and press the X button.

Accessing File Shares over the GlobalProtect VPN

File share access over the VPN client functions the same as if you were on the Motlow State campus. If you have shortcuts on your desktop that pertain to Motlow State file shares, you are able to use them as if you were on campus.

You are also able to click on links that correspond to internal file shares so long as you're on the VPN network (e.g. \\mscc-dfs12\mysharename)