As all Motlow State email services run through Office 365, you can easily add your Motlow State email to your phone by downloading and configuring the Outlook app.

Download the Outlook App

The Outlook app is available on both iOS and Android. Use the links below to view the app in their respective stores.

Configuring the Outlook App

Once you have the Outlook app installed, open it and you'll be greeted with Outlook's "Get Started" screen.

After this screen, you'll be prompted to enter your work or school email. Type in your Motlow State email and press Continue.

You should now see the Outlook app asking for your password. Please make sure you're on the right password screen by verifying that the Motlow State logo is present and the "If you need assistance" box is at the bottom. From here, type in your password to your email account, then press Sign in.

After this screen, if you have a two-factor authentication set up, you'll be prompted for that code. After that, you should be greeted with a success screen and the Outlook application will ask if you want to set up another account. If you have another account you'd like to add, press on Continue, otherwise press on Skip.

You'll now go through a brief tutorial of the Outlook application. Feel free to skip the tutorial or go through it. Afterwards, you'll be greeted with your Inbox.