Office 365 allows Technical Operations to create shared mailboxes. These special mailboxes do not have a password associated to them as they can only be accessed by employees with valid permissions on the mailbox. This increases security for Motlow State as, typically, shared mailboxes are ones that receive high volumes of messages and are more likely to contain PII. If you're needing to access a shared mailbox, please follow the following steps:

  1. Submit a ticket with Technical Operations stating what mailbox you need access to.
    • Please note that depending on the mailbox being requested, a Technical Operations representative may reach out to the shared mailbox owner to verify if the request is legitimate.
  2. Once approved, Technical Operations will add the correct permissions to the shared mailbox and make note on the ticket when permissions were granted. Please note that for shared mailboxes, permissions can take up to an hour to take effect.

Accessing the Shared Mailbox

Outlook Desktop

If you're using the Outlook Desktop application, you should notice the shared mailbox appear below your mailbox's folders on the left side. This happens automatically and nothing needs to be changed in order to view emails in the shared mailbox.

Outlook on the Web

For Outlook on the Web, click on your picture or initials in the top-right corner, then click on Open another mailbox.

You should see the Open another mailbox window open. Type in the shared mailbox address you want to open, select it, then click on Open. The mailbox will open in another window for you to access.

Outlook Mobile

If you need to see a shared mailbox on the Outlook Mobile app, swipe from the left side to open the panel, then press on the New Account button.

Two options should appear - Add an account and Add a shared mailbox. Press on the Add a shared mailbox option.

Outlook Mobile will now ask you to select the account that has the permissions to the shared mailbox. Press on that account, then type in the shared mailbox you want to access. Press Continue, and the account will be added in your mobile app. You will be able to access it by swiping from the left and selecting the newly added account.