Setting up a Zoom meeting is simple with the Zoom desktop client. First, open Zoom on your computer. (Note that the screenshots were taken on a Mac computer. Windows clients should look similar.)

The Zoom Desktop Client contains four prominent options:

  • New Meeting
  • Join
  • Schedule
  • Share Screen

The client also provides you with a schedule of upcoming Zoom meetings you are a part of.

To schedule a meeting, click on the Schedule button.

The Schedule a Meeting screen should appear. Here's a description of the fields you'll need to review and edit:

TopicThis is the title of the meeting and will become the subject line of the calendar invite.
The date and time of the meeting. You can also select if the meeting is a recurring meeting as well as the time zone (usually Central Time).
Meeting ID
This is the ID of the meeting. For regularly scheduled meetings with coworkers where you will be hosting, we recommend selecting the Personal Meeting ID option, otherwise click on Generate Automatically.
If you'd like all participants to input a password for the meeting, check the box Require meeting password and set your desired password.
Video - Host
Set this to On if you'd like your camera to automatically turn on when joining. Otherwise, set it to Off and you can choose to enable it within the meeting at a later time.
Video - Participants
Same option as above, but for anyone else joining. We recommend leaving this Off and allow participants to share their video at their discretion.
You can have the meeting be a Telephone call, use Computer Audio (join audio from a computer), or both Telephone and Computer Audio. We recommend leaving this as Telephone and Computer Audio so participants can choose what they're comfortable with.
This option is how to send the meeting invite. Technical Operations only supports the Outlook option, so select Outlook here.

There are other Advanced Options that are hidden, including Enable Waiting Room, Enable join before host, Mute participants on entry, Record the meeting automatically in the cloud, and Alternative Hosts. Feel free to use those as needed.

Once your meeting is set the way you'd like, click on the Schedule button.

Outlook should open with the calendar invite ready to be sent. From here, type in the emails you'd like to send the Zoom invite to. You can also add additional information in the body of the invite, but we don't recommend removing anything Zoom provides as it contains details on how to connect to the meeting.

That's it! If you have any questions on setting up Zoom meetings, feel free to raise a ticket and we'll be glad to help!