You can use Microsoft Teams to schedule meetings that last an indefinite amount of time with as many people as needed without the need for additional license costs. This makes Microsoft Teams a viable alternative to Zoom in the event Zoom is unavailable or you prefer using Microsoft Teams.

image-1584114581791.pngLog into Microsoft Teams by going to or by running the Microsoft Teams app on your device. Once running, head to the Calendar tab on the left side, then at the top-right of your screen, click on New meeting.

image-1584114699034.pngThe new meeting details page should appear. From here, you can fill out the information needed for your meeting. Refer to the table below for what each option does.

Add title

This is the title of the meeting.

Add required attendeesThis is where you can add the emails of every required attendee. You can also click on the + Optional link on the right side to add optional attendees.
DatesSchedule the start date and time of your meeting, as well as the end date and time of the meeting. You can also make the meeting an All day meeting by clicking the radio button.
RepeatYou can use this to set a meeting to repeat on a set schedule, such as every weekday, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or a custom interval.
Add channelIf you're a member of a team in Microsoft Teams, you can use this to post the meeting details to a channel. Otherwise, leave this blank.
Add locationIf you're meeting at a physical location, you can enter the location here. Otherwise, leave this blank.
DetailsYou can use this field to add details regarding the meeting.

When the meeting is filled out to your liking, click on the purple Save button in the top-right of your screen. You'll be taken back to the Calendar tab and the meeting will be added to your calendar. If you added attendees to your meeting, they will receive an email with the meeting information and a link to join the meeting.